Here are some permitted development loopholes!

Front Extensions Under P.D.

Front Extensions Before & After Under Permitted Development. You may ask yourself how can this be possible? Well it was a mistake in the drafting of the legislation as the legislation specifies limits for side and rear extensions, it’s clear that the intention was to rule out front extensions altogether, however the wording in the legislation only rules out front extensions where the front elevation front’s a public highway, it appears the government just simply did not think of the scenario where the front of a property does not front a highway.

Outbuilding Before & After

Outbuildings Before & After. This example has a width of 9m x 17.5m the flat roof height 2.5m = the footprint 157.5m, the question is can an outbuilding in this proportion be built under permitted development, Yes, as long as the outbuilding is required for a purpose identical to the enjoyment of the dwelling house, i.e. swimming pool.


L Shaped Dormer, Before & After, some people may hold the view that an L shaped dormer is not a P.D. loophole, and should be permitted because it’s at the rear of a property and is unlikely to have a detrimental impact upon the neighboring amenity, however, the justification is that often stated even under P.D. The rights to exclude uncontentious development. Local planning authorities for which this example shows would not be directly contrary to adopted policies and guidance, such dormers can hardly be described as uncontentious.

Hip-To-Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to Gable loft conversions, again, is this uncontentious development? as you can not build on the front elevation under P.D., yet a Hip to Gable or Hip-End loft conversion is where part of the front elevation is altered and this is allowed.

Single Storey Extensions

Single storey extensions, P.D. allows properties to add an extension (on each side) as long as the width is up to half the width of the original property, so for example, a detached house with a width of 10m, the property can add a single storey extension on each side with a width of 5m.

Boundary Walls

Boundary Walls, Before & After, Your council could argue that the extension along the (Nearside) boundary constitutes as eaves, which would be contrary to the 3m high limit in limitation, but the government has concluded that the higher end of the roof can not be taken to be eaves, therefore such an extension can comply with planning conditions.

Natural Slopping Ground, Before & After

Sloping Ground, Before & After, an outbuilding can be up to 2.5m in height, but here the measurement is taken from the far side, the ground is sloping, therefore, the ground level is the highest part of the building next to the original dwelling.

The As Much As Possible Under P.D.

As much as possible under P.D. Single storey extension with a Hip to Gable loft conversion with rear dormer, the erection of a front porch, with an outbuilding.